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LIEB TGA: technical building equipment industrial establishments foundry technologyLIEB TGA GmbH focuses exclusively on technical building equipment for industrial establishments.
This includes conventional heating, air conditioning, plumbing and ventilation equipment, as well as special applications in plant construction and control engineering.

Our foundry technology work encompasses cooling water, compressed air and gas supply, as well as burner technology and extraction. Production cell solutions in particular can improve quality and cycle times.

LIEB TGA conventional heating air conditioning plumbing equipment ventilation equipment plant construction control engineering
Distribution of activities:

  • 40% plant/system construction
  • 20% engineering services
  • 20% heating, air conditioning, plumbing and ventilation tenders
  • 20% service maintenance, care, other services

With turnover of over €4 million per year and single objects up to approx. €1 million, we are the right partner for most properties.
We are particularly competitive if involved early on in planning and cover all areas. In this case synergies and thus cost savings often arise in heat recovery, cooling or simply through the logical arrangement of assembly units - something that cannot be implemented later, or only with compromises. The winner in all of this is the building owner.

Our aim is to benefit the customer.

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